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Holidays $175/day
Security Deposit $600 – Refundable after your rental IF there is no breach of contract. You will be notified in writing by the Association Manager regarding the status of your deposit. Please allow up to ten business days to receive your refund.

Community Clubhouse Rules

  1. The resident renting the clubhouse is responsible for seeing that all doors and windows are locked, lights and ceiling fans are turned off. Failure to comply will result in deductions from the deposit to cover costs incurred. Doors and windows are to be kept closed when heat or air condition are on. Please DO NOT stand on any of the furniture for any reason. A step stool is provided.
  2. A cleaning procedures checklist is hung on the wall of the clubhouse to help insure proper clean-up. After rental, the clubhouse must be cleaned in accordance with the checklist. An inspection will be made and the deposit will be returned if the area is cleaned, no damages have occurred, and no other breach of contract items were noted as determined by the Clubhouse Manager. Please do not try and reach out to the Clubhouse Manager regarding the return of your deposit, deposits are processed by the Community Manager at the Management Office.
  3. If the clubhouse is not found in satisfactory condition (clean) after leaving and locking up deductions for the infractions can be held from the security deposit. The Clubhouse Manager will report all findings to the Community Manager who will then send a follow up notice to the homeowner by mail which will outline all items left undone or in a non satisfactory condition.
  4. DO NOT! Use thumbtacks, nails, staples, glue, or any device to attach anything to the walls, doors, furniture, trim, etc. IF damage occurs through this type of use, repairs will be made and the cost deducted from the deposit. Tape that does not leave adhesive residue is acceptable, but must be removed at clean up.
  5. Please keep music and noise at an acceptable level so as not to disturb the clubhouse neighbors. Music and entertainment is to be set up and kept inside the clubhouse and not the pool area. The Pool is NOT to be used during your rental.
  6. No Smoking allowed inside the clubhouse, including the bathrooms. This includes cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes of any kind.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted outside the clubhouse including the pool area. Under no circumstances can alcohol be given to or consumed by anyone under the age of 21 years of age.
  8. No pets are allowed in the clubhouse or pool area.
  9. Your Total Deposit Will Be Forfeited If the Party Exceeds the 50 Person Maximum Occupancy Limit or Continues Past the Stated End Times. Also, If the Police Are Called, a Portion Of, or All of the Deposit Will Be Lost Depending on the Police Action Taken.
  10. See attached cleaning checklist
  11. After 10:00 pm all loud devices are to be turned down per Grand Prairie Code Enforcement.
  12. Failure to comply with these rules WILL result in forfeiture of deposit as well as fines for damages and suspension of Association amenities. (Pool/Clubhouse/Tennis Courts). HOURS, UPDATED JANUARY 1, 2019 Monday - Thursday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Clean Up 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am to 11:00 pm, Clean Up 11:00 pm to Midnight

Clubhouse Check List

The following must also be done in accordance with the Clubhouse Rules & Agreement or you will lose your deposit.

❑ Clean counters and sink in the kitchen and bathrooms with cleaner provided.

❑ Wipe out refrigerator.

❑ Wipe out microwave.

❑ Sweep the floors AND mop floors, including bathrooms.

❑ Wipe down any walls that might have been marked up or splashed.

❑ Place furniture back into its original position. Do NOT block air return grills.

❑ Wipe tables off before placing in storage rack.

❑ Pick up trash in the parking lot outside the clubhouse that may have been left as a result of your party.

❑ All trash must be removed from clubhouse at the end of the event.

❑ Stray balloons and those caught in the ceiling fans must be retrieved.

❑ Turn off lights and fans.

❑ Check and lock ALL doors.

❑ Set alarm and Return clubhouse key.

IMPORTANT: If you break or damage the furniture, tables, and/or decorative material of any kind, you will be charged the FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE.

• Under no circumstances may anything be left in the clubhouse after your party. This includes possible items delivered by a rental company or caterer.

• Other homeowners renting the clubhouse the following day deserve the same courtesy of being able to have the key to get into the clubhouse as soon as possible so that they may start setting up for their party.

Clubhouse Rental Documents

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